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You Need A Vicky


Professional organising services for the home


Organising and decluttering your home is directly connected to your wellbeing. By clearing the clutter around us, we instantly free our minds from distraction. The result? We feel calmer, lighter and happier.


Mindfullness is a state of active and open attention; more of us are taking the time to focus on the present, yet too few realise the impact our surroundings have on achieving this goal too.


Time and time again, we’ve seen with our clients that clutter can be the block between a mind that is clear to think and live in the now and one that is bogged down by unnecessary burden.


To truly reset yourself, reset your home too.

You Need A Nutritional Therapist
Lifestyle medicine for the whole family


We’re all guilty of putting ourselves last on the list. Kids, work, mum, dad, even the pet dog gets prioritised before you. We push through the anxiety, ignore our bloated belly and dismiss our fatigue, irritability and that persistent headache we’ve been masking with paracetamol every day as “normal.” But it’s not. Often these symptoms are subclinical warnings that something is not quite right.


What's more is they effect the quality of our every day life. Sadly, most doctors struggle to help until symptoms escalate and manifest into disease. Disaster.


You Need A Nutritional Therapist puts you first. So you not only feel (and look) your best, but you have the vitality to kickass at life.


You Need A


Pay as you go PA services


So you’ve smashed your iPhone. 2 weeks ago in fact. But you’ve still not got round to fixing it. Sound familiar? It’s no wonder we are a nation consumed by stress. Even the most basic of life’s 'to do’s’ ask us to sacrifice so much of our precious time.


This is where You Need a PA can help. Our team of assistants are on hand to pitch in with anything and everything - from completing claim forms, to organising a once in a lifetime family holiday, or helping you with your snagging list at home. Moving house? Not a problem - we can take care of the whole thing for you. We look to free up your time by taking charge of those annoying jobs and errands that niggle away whenever you get a spare second to breathe. This leaves you more headspace to enjoy time with family and friends, or to crack on with your job or business. 


You Need An IT Guy 
Pay as you go & managed tech


We use technology for everything these days, there’s no getting away from it. For the majority of the time it can live happily by our side, running our lives and businesses without a worry. But imagine waking up and finding your emails had gone or your website had crashed or your laptop had been hacked! Sadly, it happens a lot and when something goes wrong IT issues can be complicated, time consuming and stressful.

For anything else this important in your life wouldn’t you have a back-up plan?

We’re here to make your life easier and take the headache of complicated IT issues off your plate – giving you more headspace to do what you’d rather be doing!




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